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Enrollment opens on Friday, March 31st for the 23-24SY. To complete your child’s re-enrollment forms, please click here: Enrollment Forms | dcpsenrollment. Step by step instructions of how to enroll are below.


If you need assistance completing all enrollment documentation, please call the main office at (202) 576-6226 and we will be happy to help. Please make sure to have your documents ready, including proof of residency. We look forward to another great year at John Lewis!

To attend schools, students must be current with their immunizations. Immunization compliance is documented by submitting a completed Universal Health Certificate to the school at the time of enrollment. A series of medical forms, DCPS Schoo
l Enrollment Packet.pdf, should be turned in to the school as part of the enrollment process, and any updated forms throughout the school year should be submitted to the school nurse. 

Enrollment Instructions for 23/24 School Year: 

Step 1: Go to and select your language option under Complete the Enrollment Packet Electronically section.

Options include English, Spanish, AmharicChinese, French and Vietnamese


Step 2: Complete all sections of the packet. Sections marked with a red * are mandatory and must be filled before you can sign the document.


Step 3: Attach documentation by clicking the paper clip icon on the left side.

a. New students must attach proof of age to enroll. Valid documents are:

Birth Certificate


b. All enrolling parent/guardians must attach unexpired residency proof. Types of proof include:

One of These

Paystub with address - common

Document showing financial assistance - common

Copy of D40 tax form

Military housing orders

Embassy letter

Or Two of These

DC Motor vehicle license – common

DC motor vehicle registration – common

Lease or rental agreement with proof of payment

Utility bill with proof of payment (gas, electric, water)


Step 4: Review all pages and click Submit & Sign in the lower right of the page.

a. If you are missing a section and try to submit it will alert you and prevent you from finalizing the document.

b. The form will notify you of which sections are missing.


Step 5: Your Done! John Lewis staff will reach out to you with any questions. 




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