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Classroom Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to field trips and school-wide events and activities, we will also have opportunities for parents to engage in our classrooms throughout the school year (volunteering in the classroom, special projects, events, etc.). Please reach out to your child's teacher about volunteer opportunities and ways in which you can support our classrooms!

All parents and family members who would like to volunteer must complete the DCPS Clearance process before volunteer services can be provided.


Please review the guidance below to complete this mandatory process. Please note, there is no cost associated with obtaining a background check.


  1. Complete the DCPS Clearance Application.

  2. Complete the TB Risk Assessment Screening, imbedded in the DCPS Clearance Application. If directed, based on the results of your TB Risk Assessment Screening, provide TB test or chest x-ray analysis results to the DCPS Clearance team at

Field Trips

We believe that learning extends outside the classroom, and John Lewis staff take full advantage of the region’s rich resources to enrich students’ learning experiences. Families can expect students in K-5 to participate in approximately one field trip per 6-8 weeks, which is related to their current unit of study. Students in preschool and pre-kindergarten participate in approximately one field trip per quarter. Families will be notified in writing in advance for each field trip and must grant written permission for each individual field trip. Parent chaperones are welcome on field trips but must be arranged in advance with the sponsoring teacher. From time to time, it may be necessary to require a parent or guardian to accompany their child on a field trip if supervision is a concern.

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