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Bullying Prevention and Policies

DCPS is committed to making every school a safe and welcoming space for your child, and families are critical partners in these efforts. One of the most proactive measures families can take to shield their  children from bullying is to talk to them early and openly about what it means to be bullied or to bully. Doing so not only ensures that you and your child maintain open lines of communication, but also reinforces the importance of speaking up about problems at school.


DCPS has a Bullying Prevention Policy that is as proactive and comprehensive as possible when dealing with any and all reports of bullying.


  • If you suspect your child may be bullied at school, don’t be afraid to ask them about it.

  • Make sure to tell them that you are there to help and you believe what he or she has to say.

  • Please report, or have your child report, bullying to the school’s Bullying Prevention Point of Contact or the principal.

  • If you think your child is bullying others, discuss the behavior and make it clear that bullying is taken very seriously at school. At the same time, you may want to work with your child to understand some of the reasons behind the bullying.

  • If you witness or become aware of cyber-bullying (use of the Internet and related technologies to bully) that includes threats of violence, child pornography or sexually explicit materials, stalking or hate crimes, please consider reporting the incident to law enforcement. Cyber-bullying can also create classroom disruptions and lead to in-person bullying.


More information about the DCPS Bullying Prevention Policy is available at

How Do I Report Bullying? 

Students who believe that they have been the victim of bullying or who have observed bullying behavior may report such incidents to any staff member in the building. We strongly encourage students to report bullying and bullying behavior to an adult with whom they feel comfortable sharing their concerns. This may include a classroom teacher, a counselor or mental health professional in the building (social worker, school psychologist, etc), an administrator, an athletic coach, or any support staff member. It is important that students report incidents of bullying early, and know that all adults in the building are here to support healthy social interactions among classmates.


For more serious matters, or should a parent wish to report an incident (or incidents) of bullying, DCPS offers a web-based grievance procedure that allows students, parents, and families to report concerns that include, but are not limited to bullying and harassment. The DCPS Grievance Referral Online Form may be found at: This form provides the option of submitting a referral anonymously.

Wellness Team

Our Wellness Team is comprised of talented student wellness professionals who engage in activities to support and promote our students daily. Our goal is to serve the social and emotional needs of all students.

The following are some common tasks that we may support:

  • Identifying issues affecting school performance, such as absenteeism

  • Addressing social or behavioral problems

  • Helping students develop skills needed for academic success

  • Counseling individuals and small groups

  • Assessing students’ abilities and interests

  • Helping students achieve academic or career goals

We also work with teachers, administrators, and parents to help students improve their classroom performance. We are a group of professionals who are trained to work closely with students.


The members of our Wellness team include:

  • Ms. Paige, School Counselor

  • Ms. Davina, School Social Worker

  • Ms. Talarico, Hillcrest Mental Health Therapist

  • Mr. Hope, Student Support Specialist

  • Ms. Crystal Dorn as School Psychologist

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