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John Lewis Elementary School Parent, Staff & Community Organization (JLES PSCO)

The John Lewis Elementary School Parent, Staff & Community Organization (JLES PSCO) exists to organize the community to support the needs of the school, its students and their caregivers, and our beloved teachers and staff. Every member of the JLES Family can contribute to our school's success in some way. Whether your contribution is ensuring your student attends school every day in uniform, volunteering at school, passing out flyers, donating money or any of the many other tasks it takes to keep our school going, EVERY effort is important and appreciated.

Why do we call ourselves the PSCO? 

We wanted a name that represents all facets of the John Lewis Family.


P is for Parents…

without whom there would be no children to educate. Parents play a vital role in their children’s education and can aid in their success by engaging in their learning experience at John Lewis.


S is for Staff…

our teachers, counselors, teaching aides, custodians, administrative aides, lunch hostesses, and EVERY adult at our school who takes a vested interest in guiding our students’ learning experiences.


C is for Community…

a committed group of supporters who may not have students AT our school but are determined to make John Lewis the best school DC has to offer. We welcome their support

and assistance.


O is for Organization…

because a group of people with the best of intentions are unable to truly help if they’re not organized together for a common purpose.

PSCO Meeting Notes:

Joining the JLES PSCO

As soon as you join the JLES, you are a part of the JLES PSCO. There is no form to fill out, and there are no dues to pay. Aside from attending meetings, joining the John Lewis A to Z listserve is the best way to stay engaged with the PSCO. PSCO meetings are listed on the school calendar under the School Events Calendar page. Also, if you use Facebook, you can search "John Lewis ES PSCO Group” to join the PSCO Facebook group. Once a request is made, a current member of the group will approve the request. 

Donating to the JLES PSCO

JLES PSCO is a 501(c)(3) organization. C That means all gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. By organizing various fundraisers throughout the school year and donations from parents and community members, the JLES PSCO has provided laptops for our students, aftercare scholarships, professional-development materials for our teachers and gym equipment.

All donations made to the school should be made out to the via PayPal. Please indicate who is making the donation and possibly the purpose.

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