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Pre-k Curriculum

At JLES (& throughout DCPS ECE classrooms), we utilize Creative Curriculum which includes developmentally appropriate goals and objectives for children within six areas of development: social/emotional, physical, cognitive, language, literacy and math are aligned to the DC Early Learning Standards.

Using the curriculum as a framework, teachers follow the lead of the children and pursue the questions and investigations within each study that are most interesting to the children in their classroom. In addition to teacher planned learning experiences, everyday children engage in purposeful play, supporting relationship building, problem-solving, and critical thinking. 

Throughout the day, teachers are observing children and gathering information about their skills and understandings to guide their planning. These observations, along with children’s work, are documented in our assessment platform GOLD. Three times a year, using the information captured in GOLD, teachers determine where each child is in their development in a variety of objectives or standards and share the information with families. 

A Day in ECE

Beginning ECE is an exciting time & you may have questions about routines, your student’s schedule, & what to expect! Prior to the start of the school year, there will be opportunities to meet with your student’s teacher & see the classroom. 

A typical day consists of…

  • Breakfast in the classroom

  • Morning meeting

  • Instructional Time and Outdoor Play 

  • Specials (art, music, gym, performing arts, library)

  • Lunch in the classroom

  • Nap / Rest time

  • Interest Areas/Instructional Time

  • Afternoon snack

  • Outdoor play 

  • Dismissal!

Pre-k Studies at JLES

  • There are between 5 to 6 studies throughout the school year that are 6 to 7 weeks long. Examples of different studies include buildings, vehicles, food, shadows/reflections, water, etc. Studies are always real-world ideas and concepts incorporated into the classroom & curriculum.

  • Explorations of topics and activities based on student interest areas. 

  • SEL Goal is for students to be comfortable and familiar with school, gain confidence and enjoy learning, and learn how to build interpersonal relationships with classmates. 

  • One field trip a month, which include walking excursion, museums, and explorations in Rock Creek Park

What is the Creative Curriculum?

The Creative Curriculum includes developmentally appropriate goals and objectives for children within four main categories of interest: social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language. The social/emotional stage helps promote independence, self-confidence and self-control.

What is GOLD? 

GOLD is data driven objectives and our assessment tool as a DCPS ECE classroom: 

  • Domains in Gold

    • Social Emotional 

    • Physical 

    • Language 

    • Cognitive

    • Literacy/Math

    • Language Acquisition


Family Resource: DCPS Ready for PreK Resources 

Families of PK3 and PK4 students, check out these Ready for PreK Toolkits designed by DCPS to give you ideas and tips for your little one's strong start! Check out the resources via 

Early Childhood Transition Week

DCPS Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 classrooms operate on the regular school system calendar, except for Early Childhood Transition Week. This special transition period occurs during the first week of the school year. To help ease the transition from home or daycare to school, Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 start with a shortened week. The first day of Pre-K for SY 23-24 is Thursday, August 31, 2023.

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